How To Avoid Blood Pressure Medications You Don’t Need, OR, 
How To Ensure Your Blood Pressure Treatment Is Optimized

Athletic Heart SF’s Unique Approach:

  • AVOIDS the use of medications when not needed
  • OPTIMIZES drug therapy as necessary
  • Is GUIDED by in-depth examinations of the heart, blood vessels, and kidneys
  • Takes the “GUESSING GAME” OUT of the management of high blood pressure

A two-part Program: One-Site Testing + Convenient Remote Monitoring

Remote Monitoring


  • Periodic review of home blood pressure measurements as needed
  • Ensure lifestyle goals for blood pressure management are met
  • Initiation of drug treatment or dose modification as needed
  • Dr. Accad available by email/phone for any question pertaining to BP
  • Coordination of care with your primary physician
  • Recommended in conjunction with on-site testing


Q: How long is the program and how much commitment is required?

A: Because high blood pressure is typically (though not always) a life-long concern, the monitoring program is on-going for as long as you choose.  We do not require any long term commitment, but the value of the program is in the fact that we establish a baseline about your cardiovascular health and follow it over time.

Q: Do I need to enroll for both the On-Site Testing and Remote Monitoring?

A: There is no obligation to enroll in the Remote Monitoring program (if, for example, you prefer your own physician to play that role).  However, if you wish to enroll in the Remote Monitoring program, we do ask that you participate in at least one baseline On Site Testing, since the testing guides our treatment decisions.  

Q: Are there any other costs beyond those listed here?

A: There are no other routine costs.  On rare occasions, we may recommend that one test be repeated to help guide the treatment (for example, a repeat pulse wave analysis after a new medication has been introduced).  In such a case, the test is provided at a substantial discount.  

Also, if you have other cardiac symptoms (unrelated to the blood pressure) that you would like us to investigate, we may recommend additional tests apart from those included in this program.  You may choose to have us perform the tests or have these tests be performed elsewhere, as you wish.

Q: Are the services reimbursed by insurance?

A: depending on your condition and insurance plan, you may get some reimbursement for our services.  We gladly assist you in filling out the required claim forms for you to submit to your insurer. However, we cannot guarantee that your health plan will reimburse you, and we ask you to be responsible for payment at the time our services are provided.

"Dr. Accad is the most caring doctor I've ever met. His focus, follow-up and monitoring are at a level beyond any of the other doctors I have known. If someone wants a doctor who will really take care of their health and take an active role in ensuring that they stay healthy, then they should visit Dr. Accad."

Larry Chroman, Tiburon

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