The Launch of No More Broken Hearts

In late September, the non-profit organization No More Broken Hearts  was launched to raise awareness of the need of screenings to prevent heart attacks and strokes.  It was a superb gathering of family, friends and interested in heart health. The setting was a lively, comfortable, residential block celebration with music, drinks, Absolute BBQ Express food truck caterers and many fun festivities.

No More Broken HeartsAs Victoria Dupuy, the founder of No More Broken Hearts, began her quest, Athletic Heart of San Francisco was on a similar timeline, coming into existence to fill the need for cardiovascular screenings. The paths of Athletic Heart of San Francisco and No More Broken Hearts came together with the help of S.H.A.P.E. (Society for Heart Attack Prevention and Eradication).

It was an honor to be invited at the launch of No More Broken Hearts and to be in the presence of so many caring individuals dedicated to heart health.  Dr. Accad spoke on behalf of Athletic Heart of San Francisco. The genesis and impetus for Athletic Heart of San Francisco and No More Broken Hearts, in part, are real life tragedies of SCD (sudden cardiac death). In Victoria’s case, she lost the love of her life and her children suffer the loss of their loving father and the entire family grieves the loss.

I am thrilled with the launch of No More Broken Hearts and Athletic Heart of San Francisco.  Our intent is to detect unsuspected cardiac conditions through screenings to help prevent or reduce the risk of future, more serious problems. Only God knows what the future holds for each of us, but cardiovascular screening allows us to peer into the health of our cardiovascular system so that we may gain some knowledge and take action if needed.

Thank you, Victoria, for sharing your life and your quest!