Is your job affecting your heart?



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Is your job putting you at risk of a heart attack?

As you can imagine, this question has preoccupied epidemiologists and public health specialists for decades.  But despite years of research, straightforward or clear answers are not always available for specific job descriptions.  The medical literature is usually guarded in its assessment of occupational factors leading to heart disease.

Also, if a certain job is linked to an increased risk of heart disease, the job itself may not be the cause of the problem.  For example, risk factors for heart disease (such as smoking) may be more common in certain occupations than in others, making it seem like the job itself imparts the risk.

With this in mind, below are 8 findings that have emerged from years of research:


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Can you ever exercise too much?

Can you exercise too much

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Professional athletic trainer and sports journalist Ian MacMahan asked us that question as part of an article he published in The Atlantic Monthly magazine.

McMahan reported on recent research that raises concerns about ultra-endurance sports carried to an extreme level for many years.  Such an exercise regimen increases one’s chance of having arrhythmia, such as atrial fibrillation, and may also cause scarring in the ventricle of the heart.

Some cardiologists have sounded alarm bells, comparing such exercise regimens to a “toxin.”  In my opinion, it is not yet clear if long-term, high-intensity exercise alone is the cause of the problem, or if those affected have other factors that come into play.  Nevertheless, the research should not be dismissed.   Here are some highlights:Read more